Cornucopia Farm Attractions

Corn Maze:

2019 Corn Maze - Barn Scene (Pictured above: Aerial View of our Corn Maze!)

Click here to view our Maze Hall of Fame!

Check out the list of past mazes: 1999 - Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach; 2000 - McBaird's Farm; 2001 - Harvest Scarecrow; 2002 - Cornucopia; 2003 - United States of America; 2004 - Statue of Liberty; 2005 - American Eagle; 2006 - Covered Wagon, 2007 - Beck's Mill, 2008 - Anniversary Cake, 2009 - Symbols of Indiana, 2010 - Butterflies, 2011 - The Liberty Bell, 2012 - Combine and 2013 - Pumpkins,  Salem & Washington County Bicentennial - 2014. Barn Quilt - 2015, Indiana Bicentennial - 2016, Fall Scene - 2017, Pumpkin Coach - 2018

Soybean Maze:


 2019 Soybean Maze - Lamb (Pictured above: Aerial view of our Soybean Maze!)

Click here to view our Maze Hall of Fame!

Our Soybean Maze is especially for the younger crowd and those who are intimidated by the tall corn maze. Past designs: 2004 - barn; 2005 – tractor; 2006 – cowboy hat and boots; 2007 – Ear of corn and 2008 – Michael’s Sports; 2009 – Honey Bee Hive; 2010 – Goat Barn, 2011 - Dairy Cow, 2012 - Sunflower, 2013 - Tractor, 2014 - Draft Horses, 2015 - Chicken Maze - 2016, 2017 - Farm Dog, 2018 - Three Little Kittens  

Giant Hillside Slide:

Coast down eighty feet of fun; our slide is enjoyed by all. Made of plastic from recycled milk jugs, the slide is built on a hill but is only about waist high.

Terrific Tunnel Slide:

Slip down this enclosed slide and land on the bottom mattress.

Petting Farm:

Goats, calves, pigs, sheep, chickens, and more live here on the farm. Spend some time petting and feeding these friendly animals. Be a visitor during late afternoon, and you might even get to bottle feed a baby calf.

Super Straw House:

Made from 3' x 8' bales of straw, kids enjoy climbing around, in, and over these super size bales.

U-Pick Pumpkin Patch & Wagon Rides:

Visitors may ride in the tractor-drawn wagon to the pumpkin patch to select their own pumpkins during normal business hours. Wagon rides are included in general admission or cost is $1.00 per person for the ride. Pumpkins are weighed and priced by the pound.

Observation Bee Hive:

Located inside the Pumpkin Shed, visitors may watch honey bees in action. Try to find the queen bee and watch the worker bees bring pollen and nectar back to the hive.

Cornucopia Carpet Ball:

Spend time on this quick action game involving pool balls, a long box, and a friend.

Milk a "Cow":

Meet our "cows" and try a hand at milking them. You don't have to worry, they won't kick and they don't moo!



Weather conditions permitting, Cornucopia Farm has campfire sites available for rental. Bring your own marshmallows! Please provide 24 hour advance notice.

Picnic Area:

Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Diamond Jump:

New for 2020! All ages can "jump" at the chance to solve one or both of the pattern challenges.

Putt Around the Pumpkin:

Mini golf - pumpkin style!

Corn Hole:

Try our Hoosier-style "farm horse shoes." We are a member of the American Corn Hole Association.

Duck Races:

Have a splashing good time racing your duck down the water filled trough. Use some arm pumping action for competing for your best time or against your friends!