Flower Care

Petunia Care Instructions: 

First up - hydration! You will want to water enough that the soil stays moist, but not so much that it gets over saturated. 

We recommend fertilizing once a week with an all-purpose fertilizer to keep blooms at their best! (225-300ppm N. Be sure to follow label instructions.)

Easy Wave Petunias like full sun best (or at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day). They will also self-deadhead! These petunias can tolerate temperatures as low as 35° F. 

We really hope you enjoy your flowers! If you have any questions, please message us on Facebook!

Petunia Fun Facts:

  • Purple is still the number one selling color! 
  • Most petunias produce a sticky sap that helps protect the leaves from insects and pests 
  • Petunias are named after the South American word Petun - which is another name for tobacco 
  • There are over 35 species in the Petunia genus and they are from the family Solanceae, which is the family of nightshades. That family also includes tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, and eggplants. 

Mum Care Instructions:

Tips for how to water:

  • Water mum regularly when soil starts to feel dry. Do not let the plant wilt all the way.
  • Water the mum below the plant, at the top of the pot. Or you can sit the mum in a pan of water for a few minutes. Don’t leave it there since this will cause root rot.
  • Correct watering will keep your blooms and foliage looking nice longer!

Where to place and/or plant mums:

  • Mums like a sunny location in fertile, well-drained soil.

Frequently asked questions:

Will my mums come back?

  • Factors such as water, soil, and weather are involved in whether the mum will come back.
  • The sooner the mum is planted into the ground the better so it can establish a good root system before winter.
  • Do not cut the plant back the first fall. Never cut the plant back to the ground. Leave a six-inch stem; this will help hold the mulch in place and the stems help draw water down to the roots.
  • Mulch the mum for winter by tucking leaves or straw into the stems.
  • The type of spring we have will also make a difference. The freezing and thawing are very hard on the new mum starts.

When to pinch my mums next year?

To delay blooming and control height you can pinch back a mum until the 4th of July and it will still bloom in the fall. For established mums, we use scissors or a hedge trimmer.



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